3 Steps To Transformative, Sustainable Results!

Our focus is on your organization's long-term success. By implementing these proven strategies, your organization will experience sustainable growth, enhanced productivity, and improved profitability.  These strategies and systems will empower you to navigate through the chaos, transforming it into a thriving and scalable business. 

Comprehensive Analysis

We start by conducting a thorough assessment of your current state by diving deep into your organization’s operations, identifying bottlenecks and areas of improvement.  This analysis forms the foundation for our customized strategy development.

Customized Strategies

Drawing upon years of proven experience, we then develop personalized strategies and frameworks to streamline your operations and maximize efficiency. We tailor these solutions to specifically address your organization’s pain points, providing clear structures and systems to support growth trajectory. 

Implementation Support

We don't stop at strategy development.  Next, we work closely with you throughout the implementation phase, providing guidance and support every step of the way.  We are committed to ensuring that your organization's transformation is seamless and impactful. 

We  help organizations, across any industry, that are in chaos and struggling to scale by providing proven structures and strategies to solve operational challenges such as:

Change Management

Change initiatives can be complex and carry inherent risks.  It can also be difficult to create lasting sustainable results.  An organization's ability to adapt, innovate, and remain competitive in a rapidly evolving business environment is ultimately determined by the organization's change management strategies.

Change management provides a structured approach to navigating organizational changes.  This smooth transition increases employee engagement by reducing resistance, enhances communication and collaboration, and supports organizations by embedding new behaviors, processes, and systems to ensure the change becomes engrained in the organizational culture.

Communication Plans and Strategies

A communication plan serves as a roadmap to guide the communication efforts for the organization to ensure consistent, effective messaging, manage crises, increase employee engagement, and define how your organization interacts with various stakeholders.  A well-developed communication strategy ensures your business's communication efforts are well-organized, impactful, and aligned with the company's overall objective.  

Once we have defined your organization's communication objectives and identified key audiences, we develop the key messages and choose communication channels. Then we create the timeline, allocate resources, implement, and evaluate.

Custom CRM Design and Optimization

Many organizations operate with their CRM as their business process rather than as a tool used in the execution of their processes.  Often, this results in the creation of inefficient work arounds to accommodate CRM development limitations.  If your processes are riddled with work arounds, your team is spending valuable time doing unnecessary tasks.  This means your CRM is in serious need of optimization. 


Our expertise in CRM and automation design guarantees your organization's CRM and business processes are strategically aligned and optimized for scalability.

Customer Journey and Experience

To deliver an exceptional customer experience, build customer loyalty, and drive business growth an organization MUST have a meticulously crafted seamless customer journey designed to address and solve their customer's pain points.  Crafting a seamless customer journey creates a positive interaction for your customer and ensures customer retention by increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.  Solving customer pain points and creating personalized experiences, establishes your organizations from your competitors.  A well-crafted customer journey also invites customer feedback and defines how this feedback is used.

Customer-centric journeys require coordination and alignment across various internal teams and processes.  We assist your organization in breaking down these silos and aligning department to ensure a smooth, consistent customer experience that aligns with your business's mission by facilitating cross-functional collaboration and streamlined processes to optimize the customer journey.  We help map your customer's touch points throughout the journey and walk you through analyzing your customer's emotions, needs and pain points at each touch point to personalize the customer's journey and build stronger connections with your customer.  Then we help your organization establish mechanisms for continuous improvement and employee training and engagement.

Document Management

A document management plan serves as the roadmap to ensure efficient document handling processes and effective information governance throughout the document's lifecycle.  It provides a structured approach to create, store, organize, and maintain documents and information within an organization.  Document management enhances efficiency, collaboration, compliance, knowledge preservation, and helps organizations avoid the pitfalls of dark data while reducing costs and risks.


We provide expertise in assessing needs, developing strategies selecting software, designing workflows, developing document retention policies and procedures, providing training, and supporting continuous improvement efforts.  Having worked on projects that required HIPAA and PCI compliance, we are also experienced ensuring compliance and security.

Employee Development

Empower your team to take ownership of their work, promote emotional intelligence, and manifest their own transformation.  Create a culture of motivation and accountability with a growth mindset by aligning your career development and employee incentive programs with your mission, vision, and values.

Employee Onboarding, Off-boarding, and Retention

A smooth employee onboarding transition is the first defense in a successful retention process.  Well executed onboarding ensures new employees feel welcome and supported, it accelerates the time it takes a new employee to become productive, and helps the new hire assimilate into the culture quickly.

Effective off-boarding ensures successful knowledge transfer of critical information, expertise, and relationship to prevent the loss of valuable institutional knowledge.  It can also provide valuable feedback, help identify areas for improvement, and protect the organization from potential legal issues.

Talent retention not only demonstrates an organization's commitment to supporting and developing its employees, it also provides a cost savings by retaining critical skills, knowledge and expertise that the organization has already invested in.  High turnover can result in significant financial implications due to recruitment costs, training expenses, and decreased productivity during the onboarding period.

Employee Roles & Responsibilities Structure

The number one cause of frustration among your team members is role ambiguity.  Clear definition of roles and responsibilities are crucial within every organization to guarantee clarity and direction, foster accountability, promote ownership, support employee development and growth, resolve conflict, and ensure efficient workflows, productivity, and teamwork.  Clearly defined roles and responsibilities can also be used to create a roadmap for succession planning.  Without clearly defined roles and responsibilities your team lacks the framework for effective management, communication, and decision making.

KPI and Metric Identification, Measuring, and Tracking

KPI's and metrics provide quantitative and qualitative insights to assess performance and drive improvements.  Without effective KPI's and metrics your business is operating in the dark and your success is based purely on luck. 


KPI's and metrics enable businesses to measure performance and track progress towards their goals.  They provide meaningful data that influences decision-making and strategic planning.  The insights KPI's and metrics offer into your various business functions play a vital role in driving continuous improvement within your organization.  They provide visibility into performance promoting transparency and accountability and optimize resource allocation by identifying areas of inefficiency and underperformance.


By leveraging our expertise and experience, your organization will identify meaningful KPIs and metrics that align with your strategic objectives and ensure your organization has the right measurement framework in place, empowering data-driven decision-making and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Policy Development

Without effective policies, organizations experience inconsistent decision making, inefficient productivity and resource allocation, errors, lack of alignment with organizational goals, increased risk and compliance issues, high employee dissatisfaction and turnover, and inconsistent customer experiences.


We walk your organization through the process of identifying what policies are needed to meet goals, align the organization and reduce liability.  Then guide you through the journey of creating effective problem statements, identifying and analyzing objectives, and defining parameters. Once this is done, the process of formulating, designing, and establishing the policy can begin.  

Policy Proliferation

Often leaders believe that having many policies shows wisdom, prudence, and shrewdness.  However, as the old proverb goes, 'Excess of everything is bad.'  When an organization is prolific in policy, processes get bogged down with needless tasks and 'red tape.'  Inefficiency sets in and the organization has created the very problem they were hoping to solve!

Policy audits help organizations identify which policies strategically align with their organization's mission, vision, and values, evaluate the purpose and scope of each existing policy, simplify policy language, and standardize format, style, and terminology.  An audit can also help determine if there are policies that can be combined or merged without compromising clarity and compliance. Through this systematic policy evaluation, your organization can eliminate the 'red tape' and get on with achieving greatness.

Once the policy audit is complete, frameworks and processes are created to maintain standardization, train and communicate policies internally, and to establish ongoing policy review and maintenance.

Process Improvement

An organization is only as good as their processes.  Organizations needs process improvement strategies to enhance efficiency, productivity, and overall performance.  That sounds good, but what does that even mean? 


Process improvement involves systematically analyzing and optimizing your business processes to eliminate bottlenecks, reduce waste, enable agility, and deliver consistent quality to achieve exceptional outcomes with data driven decision making.


As a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, Rhonda will help you identify and tackle those inefficiencies for good and create proprietary, sustainable, and scalable processes that qualify your organization as THE industry disruptor.

Project Management

We bring specialized expertise, experience, and external perspective in assisting your organization with its project management by providing guidance in planning, resource allocation, risk management, monitoring, change management, problem solving, quality assurance, skill development, and project evaluation.  Our support enhances your organization's project management capabilities, leading to more successful and efficient project outcomes.

Resource Hemorrhage

Want to know one of the fastest ways to increase revenue?  Stop the bleeding.  I have worked with leaders who were shocked to find that while they worked feverishly to bring in new revenue, there were areas of the business hemorrhaging revenue resources faster than they were bringing it in.  It’s like running a marathon with a bullet hole in your side.  You will never make it to the finish line in that condition.

One of the fastest, easiest ways to increase revenue is to find and stop the resource hemorrhaging.  We have developed simple, systematic ways of finding, identifying, and fixing these resource hemorrhages in areas of the business most leaders would never consider looking.

What is the difference between a business consultant and a facilitator?

A business consultant is an expert hired by an organization to provide professional advice and guidance on specific business challenges or opportunities. Rhonda is a skilled business consultant who possesses deep industry knowledge and specialized skills in areas such as strategy, operations, finance, marketing, or technology. When acting as a consultant, she analyze the organization's current state, identify problems, and develop tailored solutions to improve performance, efficiency, and profitability. Rhonda will work closely with company leaders, conducting research, making recommendations, and assisting in implementing changes. Her goal is to provide expert insights, solve complex problems, and drive positive organizational outcomes.

On the other hand, a facilitator is a neutral party responsible for guiding group discussions, meetings, or workshops to ensure effective collaboration, decision-making, and problem-solving. As a facilitator, Rhonda, creates a supportive and inclusive environment, manages the process, and helps participants achieve their desired outcomes. She also employs various techniques to encourage active participation, foster open communication, resolve conflicts, and maintain focus. Facilitators do not provide direct advice or solutions; instead, they facilitate the collective intelligence and expertise of the group, ensuring that all voices are heard and that consensus or alignment is reached. Their role is to facilitate dialogue, encourage collaboration, and enable the group to achieve its objectives.  Basically, as a facilitator, Rhonda helps your group solve their own problem(s).

How can we help you Scale The Chaos?

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