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Successful business facilitation is all about knowing what questions to ask in order to guide the organization's leadership towards cooperative solutions that fit their unique business needs.

Our facilitation approach creates a safe environment and evokes creativity from all participants.  We are well known for challenging mind sets that have many organizations feeling 'stuck'.

Some of the solutions an experienced facilitator can lead you towards are:


As a facilitator, we help improve communication within organizations by creating an environment where all participants feel heard and understood.  We employ various techniques to encourage open dialogue, active listening, and effective information sharing.

Conflict Resolution

As neutral third party, we are skilled at managing conflicts and promoting positive outcomes.  We facilitate discussions to identify the root causes of conflicts and encourage empathy and understanding among team members, guiding them towards finding mutual beneficial solutions.

Decision Making

We assist groups and organizations in making informed decisions by guiding structured decision-making processes.  This facilitates discussions that encourages critical thinking, gathers diverse perspectives, and ensures that decisions align with organizational goals and values.

Team Building

We are expertly adept at designing and facilitating team building activities that build strong and cohesive teams.  These team building activities create opportunities for team members to collaborate, establish trust, and develop effective working relationships, resulting in improved teamwork and productivity.

Strategic Planning

We support organizations in developing strategic plans by guiding the planning process.  We facilitate discussions to define goals, assess strengths and weaknesses, analyze market trends, and create actionable plans that align with the organization's vision and mission. 


We encourages innovation and creativity within the group by creating a safe and supportive space for brainstorming idea generation.  We employ various creative thinking techniques, facilitate ideation sessions, and help teams evaluate and refine their ideas.

Change Management

We assist organizations during times of change and transition such as helping employees navigate change , address resistance, and foster a positive mindset towards the change process.  We facilitate discussions that allow individuals to express their concerns and ideas, ensuring a smother transition.

Problem Solving

We guide group discussions in resolving complex problems by facilitating structured problem-solving processes, helping you define the problems, gather relevant data, analyze information, and guide teams to generating and evaluating potential solutions.

Meeting Facilitation

We ensure productive and efficient meetings by providing structure, setting clear objectives, and managing group dynamics.  We keep discussions focused, encourages participation, and helps teams reach decisions or outcomes within the allocated time frame.

What is the difference between a business consultant and a facilitator?

A facilitator is a neutral party responsible for guiding group discussions, meetings, or workshops to ensure effective collaboration, decision-making, and problem-solving. As a facilitator, Rhonda, creates a supportive and inclusive environment, manages the process, and helps participants achieve their desired outcomes. She also employs various techniques to encourage active participation, foster open communication, resolve conflicts, and maintain focus. Facilitators do not provide direct advice or solutions; instead, they facilitate the collective intelligence and expertise of the group, ensuring that all voices are heard and that consensus or alignment is reached. Their role is to facilitate dialogue, encourage collaboration, and enable the group to achieve its objectives.  Basically, as a facilitator, Rhonda helps your group solve their own problem(s).

On the other hand, a business consultant is an expert hired by an organization to provide professional advice and guidance on specific business challenges or opportunities. Rhonda is a skilled business consultant who possesses deep industry knowledge and specialized skills in areas such as strategy, operations, finance, marketing, or technology. When acting as a consultant, she analyze the organization's current state, identify problems, and develop tailored solutions to improve performance, efficiency, and profitability. Rhonda will work closely with company leaders, conducting research, making recommendations, and assisting in implementing changes. Her goal is to provide expert insights, solve complex problems, and drive positive organizational outcomes.

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