Scale The Chaos Keynotes & Workshop Series

Over the years, Rhonda has worked with many different organizations, across multiple industries, to optimize and improve their processes. These organizations were all in chaos and struggling to scale. They believed that simply improving their processes would solve their problem. But the more organizations she worked with, Rhonda discovered a disturbing pattern. Every one of them suffered from the same organizational dysfunctions that were sabotaging their ability to scale. No matter how much process improvement was implemented, without fixing these organizational dysfunctions, these companies eventually found themselves back in the exact same process rut.

The Scale The Chaos Keynote & Workshop Series is a compilation of solutions and strategies Rhonda has provided to her clients over the years to resolve these dysfunctions once and for all.

KEYNOTE: A 60-to-90-minute engaging and thought provoking presentation. Concepts are introduced and explored, and each attendee leaves with actionable solutions and takeaways.

WORKSHOP: A 2-to-3-hour presentation where attendees are immersed in real-time, personalized solutions and takeaways that are invaluable to their organization's success. Full color, professionally published workbooks available for an additional fee.

MASTER CLASS: A 3-to-4-hour presentation where attendees are walked through the process of organizing and crafting solutions that meet their organization's unique challenges and struggles. Full color, professionally published workbooks available for an additional fee.


Scale The Chaos:

Organizational Dysfunctions Sabotaging Your Ability To Scale


Poor operational management is among the top 5 reasons businesses fail. A business cannot operate on great ideas and opinions alone.




Solving these dysfunctions must start at the top. Executives and senior managers need proven organizational strategies and systems to effect real change and eradicate chaos. In this presentation, Rhonda brings it all to the table and shows you exactly how to free yourself and your organization from the chains of failure. These proven strategies organize the structure, create clear paths of communication, define expectations, and align all employees with your organization’s purpose.

With these strategies, attendees will:


Freedom from the insanity. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result. Chances are, that is what your organization’s management has been doing…for years. The strategies presented in this workshop are guaranteed to be different than anything you have heard or tried before. Better yet, they actually work!

With this newfound freedom comes:

Dissent to Disrupt:

A Journey from Questioning Current State To Actively Driving Transformative Change

This means your business has two choices: Disrupt or BE disrupted.

Companies that do not drive industry disruptions risk disruption by other companies.

Companies that fail to adapt to industry disruptions, AT BEST, experience:


Ultimately, businesses who fail to adapt or respond to industry disruption become obsolete and fail completely. Respond too late to an industry disruption and the cost to catch up just delays the inevitable, failure.

Industry disruptors:

It is widely believed that disruption is random and unpredictable, however research shows this in not true. In this presentation, Rhonda discusses how susceptible your industry is to disruptions, what factors drive industry disruption, and what business leaders do to disrupt the status quo and how to implement industry disruption.


Embracing dissenting viewpoints, challenging the existing order, and fostering a culture of innovation and change are essential in achieving and staying ahead of industry disruptions.


As a result, you can expect:

Improving Team Efficiency and Productivity: 

Transform Ordinary Performers Into Extraordinary

Your employees are the first customers of your organization AND your best marketing tools.  They are the face of the company.  If they are not happy, satisfied, and well trained they will perform poorly, leading to lost profits.

85% of your company’s assets are the skillsets of your employees.  Employees are the most important contributors to your profits. Without your employees, your product or service would not exist. They run the organization. You rely on them to ensure systems run smoothly and to spot inefficiencies. The work they do determines what customers see or experience. Consequently, your employees determine your business’s success or failure. Furthermore, employee efficiency and talent determine the pace and growth of your business.

Many organizations view training and development of their employees as a cost rather than an investment, but it is the failure to train and develop employees that is the true cost to the organization.


This presentation guides business leaders through the creation and implementation of an all-encompassing, holistic Employee Development program. From the first 60 days as a new hire to subject matter expert you will have a naturally progressive training program that develops your very own company specific trainers.


Clearly defined expectations with aligned goals gives employees the most opportunity for success.  As you identify and track metrics and KPIs you will be able to identify training and comprehension gaps, so you know exactly where the employee needs additional support. As you invest in your employees and your employees invest in your organization, your employees feel valued and become your biggest assets.  When this happens you, your organization, and your employee win.  It’s a win-win-win!

As a result, you can expect:

Building Bridges, Uniting Minds:

A Journey to Empowered Team Building

Join us on an inspiring expedition that explores the profound impact of effective team building. Delve into the art and science of fostering a strong, united team transcending barriers, and unleashing your full potential.

Transformational Team Building Expert, Rhonda Lea, will unravel the essential elements that create a thriving team environment where collaboration, creativity, and innovation thrive. Discover the power of synergy as diverse minds come together to achieve remarkable results and unlock the collective team intelligence.

Embracing trust as the foundation, we will learn how open communication and shared accountability foster a culture of trust that propels teams toward success. Celebrate the value of diversity and inclusivity, enriching team dynamics, and igniting a tapestry of innovation.

Guided by empathetic leadership and emotional intelligence, our journey will uncover how understanding team members' emotions nurtures a compassionate and supportive culture. Learn effective strategies for conflict resolution, turning challenges into opportunities for growth.

As we dive deep into fostering creativity and innovation, discover how a growth mindset and encouragement of risk-taking unleash the team's potential to explore new horizons.

Join us on this transformational expedition to empower your team with the tools and insights needed to create bridges of understanding and unite minds for unparalleled achievements. Together, let's build a future of collaborative excellence and leave a legacy of empowered team building.

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